CSS Flavor is a website focused on providing its audience with a vide range database of well designed CSS based & standard compliant websites from around the world.

Its purpose is to showcase designers’ work so that other designers can inspire.

If you are “looking for inspiration”, you are at the right place.

Why CSS Showcase?

With CSS showcases, individual web developers and companies those want to have a presence on the internet and have the ability to analyze the latest designs done in CSS by others.

CSS Flavor welcomes thousands of visitors daily who want to discover and are inspired by the work others have done. Being showcased is a great recognition and visibility for any web designer or developer, but at the same times its importance for companies/organizations that want to have web visibility by showcasing their work.

Site Submission

If you own a website, and would like for it to be showcased on CSS Flavor, please feel free fill out the submission form on the “submit a site” section. You can also recommend a website that you have not designed or you don’t own the one.

Keep in mind all submissions are subject to approval.

Would you like to contribute?

If you think you can contribute to the site in any way, please feel free to contact us, We will be glad to implement any ideas you might have.

What are the submission guidelines?

These guidelines should be followed as close as possible.

  • The design must be of high quality. Not just on a programming level – but also on a graphic design and look/feel level.
  • The site should be built with web standards and preferably validate as XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01 compliant using the W3C validator.
  • Appropriate tags should be used for markup that means tables are for tabular data and divisions for content separation etc.
  • The site should look great in most modern web browsers and there should be a true separation between content and presentation using CSS.
  • The site should be visually appealing and have some sort of content – not just a template design.

What about advertisement on CSS Flavor?

Yes, we have the same. If you are looking to put your ad on CSS Flavor and reach millions of page views per month, read more about advertising options here.